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Find The Perfect Fit for Kids

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Virtual Fitting Service

Can't make it instore but still want to ensure your children are wearing the right fitting shoes? SoleLution can help thanks to our virtual shoe fitting service.

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In-Store Fitting

Book an in-person fitting appointment for your child with one of our friendly experts. Available at our stores in Clifton and Portishead.

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Kids Fitting Guide

Check out our top tips for choosing the perfect shoes for your child, from baby to young explorers.

Featured Products

Mustang casual shoes and canvas are a great option for this time of year - rain or shine! Both comfortable and on trend!

Footwear by Brand

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Finding the Right Shoe for Your Sole

Do you believe that you have awkward feet? If so then we feel your pain! Take heart because you are not alone. Perhaps you believe that your feet are too big, too small, too wide or too narrow. Maybe you are bemoaning narrow heels or fallen arches and have struggled to find stylish shoes that are kind to feet. You are probably experiencing foot pain from time to time, if not all the time. Are your feet getting a raw deal?

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For Every Problem there is a SoleLution

The truth is that your feet may not be the issue. The real problem could well be your shoes and that is where we can help. At SoleLution we feature a diverse range of high quality, stylish yet affordable footwear that will really sweep you off your feet.

Finding Your Feet

Nature has decreed that feet come in all shapes and sizes and so there are no such things as average or typical feet. Your feet are not awkward they are just uniquely yours. They must carry you for life and so those sole mates work extremely hard for you. Little wonder that they rebel from time to time and you end up feeling like you are wearing someone else’s shoes. If your feet are saying enough is enough then it is time to rethink your footwear.

Our Google Reviews

Virtual Fitting

The virtual fitting service while the shop is closed is fantastic, my daughter needed her first pair of shoes and Tanya was able to give us the reassurance we needed that the shoes fitted well. The website guidance for how to measure at home was easy to follow and Tanya came around the next day with a variety of sizes and styles to try. We now have a very happy girl who is extremely proud of her shoes! Also always had a great experience in the Clifton shop when we have been in with my son. Thank you!


Fantastic Helpful Service

Fantastic, helpful service at this independent shop, I came away with exactly what I’d been looking for. So lovely to meet people so passionate about their business.


School Shoes Fitting

I booked an appointment for children's school shoes on a recommendation from a friend. The whole experience was quick and efficient, the assistant was friendly and helpful and there were no tears from anyone! I was expecting to have to pay more than, say, Clarks, but the price was competitive. Big thumbs up!


Wide-Fitting Kids Shoes

Love, love this shop. Finding kids shoes, especially for wide footed, non-school type shoes is a nightmare. So, to be recommended a solution (excuse pun) has been fantastic. Pricing is good and if lucky there are regular sales with a cheeky bargain in the mix. Fab customer service from Sarah and Louise today. Thank you!!


Incredibly Knowledgeable

I purchased a pair of Joya trainers a week ago from the Clifton store. They are the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn. The sales assistant took her time to explain the technology behind the Joya brand and different styles of the range and the benefits I would feel in my posture and particular in my back. A fantastic patient approach (I tried on lots of trainers) to sales and incredibly knowledgeable. I cannot recommend SoleLution highly enough and the Joya brand in terms of helping/easing/supporting my long standing back issues. A great all round service. Would highly recommend a visit.


Recommend SoleLution

Very pleased with this small company everything was excellent. Including a happy wife as the slippers were as she said. Absolutely brilliant. Packed well including a small business card thanking us for the order. Recommend SoleLution.


Our Blog

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Step into Spring with SoleLution: Top Shoe Picks

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it may be safe to say that Spring is here (keeping fingers crossed!  As the sun begins to shine brighter and the bluebells are out in Priors Wood (if you’ve not been be quick as they are beautiful), it's time to refresh your footwear collection for the vibrant days ahead. Whether you're prioritizing your well-being with every step, or seeking casual chic options for everyday wear, we've curated a collection of top spring styles just for you. 
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The Power of Walking: A Gentle Path to Wellness

Walking, often underestimated in its simplicity, holds profound benefits for both our bodies and minds. It's an accessible, low-impact exercise that can be seamlessly integrated into our daily routine, allowing us to reap its rewards effortlessly. Here's why incorporating walking into your lifestyle can be a game-changer for your overall health and wellness:
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Stepping into the World of Podiatry: Caring for Feet, One Step at a Time - A blog from one of our local podiatrists Kirstie Charles

Stepping into the World of Podiatry: Caring for Feet, One Step at a Time - A blog from one of our local podiatrists Kirstie Charles

Kirstie Charles is a local podiatrist to our Portishead branch.  She's kindly written us a blog to give us a glimpse into the world of podiatry and the essential role they play and why its so important we take care of our feet..
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