Virtual Fitting Service

Can't make it instore but still want to ensure your children are wearing the right fitting shoes? SoleLution can help thanks to our virtual shoe fitting service. You simply complete the questionnaire on this page, and we use our expertise and come up with some suggestions from our stock that we think would give a good fit. We ship the shoes to you and then if you would like, we can talk you through checking the fit over a video call.

Step 1. Complete our Questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire below with as much detail on your child's current shoes and size. The gauge gives us a guide, as will the measurements we ask you to provide, but as we're unable to see your childrens' feet in the flesh as we would if you came instore, we also ask for other bits of information and if you are able to provide photos even better. All of this helps us to use our expertise to find the right fit for your child.

As part of this questionnaire we ask you to draw around both your child’s feet to give us an indication of their size. This is mimicking us using the gauge. Here are some tips to give us the most accurate measurements:

Virtual Shoe Fitting Questionnaire

By submitting this form, I confirm I am the parent/guardian and agree to sharing this information in accordance with SoleLution's Privacy Policy.

How to Measure

How to measure - step 1

Draw around your child's feet whilst they are wearing socks – socks can make a difference of about half a size!

Make sure they are standing with feet about hip width apart and their weight evenly spread. 

How to measure - step 2

Apply a little pressure to the top of their foot to ensure that their toes are completely flat.

How to measure - step 3

Make sure that you hold the pen upright as you draw around the heel so that you get an accurate measure of the length of the foot.

How to measure - step 4

Ensure the measurement you take is from the heel to the longest toe – the biggest toe is not always the longest!

How to measure - step 5

It is important to measure both feet as most of us have one foot larger than the other, and we will always fit to the biggest foot.

How to measure - step 6

If you have a tape measure to hand please also measure the circumference around the widest part of their foot - this is from the big toe joint to the little toe joint as this will help us identify the width. Again this should be done with socks on but I have asked my daughter to take her socks off in this image so that you can see where the tape measure should be placed.

Step 2: Supporting Photographs

If your child has removable insoles  in their current shoes (this is not always the case), then please send us a photo of them standing on those insoles as this will give us an idea as to how much they have grown. Please email your photo to

Step 3. Selection of Shoes and Ordering 

Once we have received this information, along with anything you have told us during other communications, we will select some shoes that we think are suitable. We will then send you the links to them on our website along with the size we believe you will require. You can then order from our website.

Step 4. Delivery of Shoes and Virtual Fitting

Once we have delivered your shoes, we can then arrange a video call with you to talk you through the fitting process and check the shoes are ok as best we can. If we have delivered the shoes by hand, then we can of course go through this process with you on the doorstep. We can always bring along other sizes, in the styles you have selected, with us to save any return trips.

Any Questions?

If at any time you would like to have a chat or ask any questions about our virtual fitting service then please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can do this by:

As we do in store, we are also happy to help you check the fit of your child’s current shoes over a video call. As always, there is no obligation to buy and we will only advise on a new pair of shoes if they have grown out of their current ones or you are looking to purchase a new pair.

We look forward to helping you find the right shoes for your children's soles.