About Us

The most important feet of all

SoleLution is an independent shoe retailer offering the best shoe for every sole, for the whole family.

The human foot is an amazing feet of engineering but like any masterpiece it is a long time in the making. It takes eighteen years for our feet to fully develop and so children’s feet are particularly vulnerable. At SoleLution we are dedicated to working with kids to find footwear that is kind to their feet but which they are also delighted to wear.

We are sure that you will find plenty to please in our collection and we would love to welcome you to our stores. Those of you who can’t visit us can enjoy our collection right here and you can be assured of the same honest, friendly and dedicated service.

Our Story

My husband and I had just returned home from our travels. I was suitably inspired, refreshed and ready for a new challenge. Unfortunately I didn’t have the least idea what I was going to do with my life! I knew that I wanted to run my own business and that I was interested in retailing but I was a long way from a definitive plan.

But mothers always know best, don’t they? With one insightful observation my mother was about to change everything.

"There hasn’t been a shoe shop in Portishead for 25 years"

I had found my SoleLution!

Except that I hadn’t, at least not yet. I had no shop and I knew nothing about shoe fitting. But Hey! I did know what I wanted to do and I was going to do it.

The wider picture

Being the not so proud owner of wide feet I had always been frustrated by high street footwear but that was nothing compared to what I felt about the poor customer service that I had endured. It was time to kill two very annoying birds with one stone. I trained as a shoe fitter and learnt everything I could about feet because if I was going to run a shoe shop then I was going to do it properly. During my training the perfect premises became available and so just nine months after my epiphany, SoleLution opened its doors.

That was over ten years ago now although it barely seems possible but I certainly made the right decision. I had discovered what I was meant to do and I did it!

Our SoleLution

I now have a fabulous team, all trained to measure feet and to fit shoes. They are all extremely passionate about their work. Much has changed because the success of the Portishead shop has enabled me to open the second SoleLution store in Clifton, Bristol. I was also delighted to relocate the Portishead store to a high street location. Who knows what the future will bring?

Our location may have changed but our priorities certainly haven’t. SoleLution continues to deliver the same friendly service, to offer the right advice to our customers and to feature comfortable and stylish shoes that won’t break the bank. I have evolved diverse collections for men, women and children which tick every box. With shoes, boots, sandals, trainers, slippers, wellies and more we have the perfect SoleLution for every occasion.