Top Tips for Tying Your Shoe Laces

Top Tips for Tying Your Shoe Laces

Each day on the shop floor, I am always telling customers some of our top tips for teaching their children how to tie their shoe laces, and everytime I say I'm going to make a video so you can refer to it at home. Well at long last I have managed it!

There are numerous ways you can tie your laces, but we have found over the years that children are able to pick this one up with a little bit of practice - a great one for them to do whilst they are sitting in front of the tv!

Step 1

Have them place the shoe on their lap so the shoe is facing away from them, the same direction it would face when on their foot.

Step 2

Wrap the laces twice to start with - this holds the lace in place, freeing up their hands to coordinate on the next bit.

Step 3

Make a "bunny ear" with the end of each lace, and tie these bunny ears together.

Step 4

Take one end of the lace and loop it around the base of one of the bunny ears, tucking the end of the lace in. This acts like a double knot, holding the tied laces in place, but its so much easier to undo as you simply tug the end of one of the laces - no more knots!

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