What it means to attend Jolaurabi School in Kenya?

Meet Ann

Some of you may know that I have 2 children - Hetty is 10 and in year 6, George is 15 and about to sit his GCSEs. If you've seen our video on how we've fitted over 2500 pairs of shoes on children at Jolaurabi school in Kenya, you may have already met him.

I would consider my 2 to be lovely children but we still have the daily school grumbles - why do we have to go to school? It's boring! Why am I learning about X as I'm never going to use it? (Sorry to any of their teachers if you are reading this!). Although I must say that speaking to our friends about their children, and listening to customers who are bringing their children in for school shoes, trainers, boots or sandals, these comments seem to be common across the board. Unfortunately for my 2, I am not very understanding of their grumbles and they are often met with "Really! Have you got no idea how lucky you are? Think about the kids in Kenya!"

In 1998, Maureen and Ian McIntryre, following a "trip of a lifetime" to Kenya, founded what would become the charity that we support, Educate the Kids. They believe that every child should be given the opportunity of an education to give them a hand up out of poverty and this is exactly what Jolaurabi School does. When we visit to fit shoes, you can feel the pride, enthusiasm and love the children at the school have for their education, fortified by their incredibly dedicated teachers and wonderful head, Edward Bwire. When you speak to them they all have hope of a better future and great aspirations whether that be a doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer or footballer!

Maureen has just been on a visit to the school. I asked her if she would do an interview with one of the pupils, so you could hear first-hand what it means to be a pupil at Jolaurabi.

I am incredibly overwhelmed, that your support through Back to School has meant that, through our Fundraise and Fit programme, we will be making a donation of £1200 to Educate the Kids. I have it on good authority that this money will be going towards renovating the kitchen, where 2 very hardworking cooks make morning porridge and lunch of rice and beans for over 500 children each day.  A very big thank you!

Thank you

If you would like to know more about our involvement with the charity please contact us, or if you would like to sponsor a child at the school (just £11 per month educates, feeds, and provide uniforms for a child) visit Educate The Kids.

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