Back to School Shoe Shopping Tips

As a mum, I know how much we all look forward to the joys of shopping for school uniforms and school shoes. But with these handy tips, we hope to make the shoe shopping experience a little less painful and a lot more enjoyable!

Book an Appointment

Following the success of our appointment system, introduced during COVID, it’s back by popular demand. In truth, it's always available, but we heavily promote it around this time of year because it has such a positive impact. You can pick a time that fits your schedule, ensuring your kids won’t have to wait to be seen. Less stressed parents equals happier kids! We also welcome walk-ins if you prefer.

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Why Proper Fit Matters

Footwear is the only item of clothing that can seriously affect health and well-being. That’s why our staff are fully trained to measure and fit your children's feet correctly.

Children's feet are delicate and continue to grow and harden well into their teenage years. Given that kids wear school shoes for around seven hours a day, Monday to Friday, it's crucial they fit correctly. We want to help you look after your children's feet, as they only get one pair! 

Our Top Tips for Back to School Shoe Shopping

  1. Timing Is Everything

    August and September are our busiest months for selling children’s shoes. We tend to be quieter first thing in the morning and late afternoon. As mentioned, you can always book an appointment to avoid waiting.

  2. Browse Online

    Check out our selection of school shoes on our website at If you don’t live near our shops, we offer a virtual fitting service online. Just complete our online questionnaire here.

  3. Know Your School’s Guidelines

    Ensure you know which shoes are acceptable for your child’s school. All our school shoes are polishable, which is usually a requirement.  We try to keep up with guidelines, but these can change.  We are working on a guide with links to our local school's uniform policies.  Let us know if we've not added your school yet and we will look to do so.

  4. Bring Socks

    Remember to bring socks with you. If you forget, we sell them in-store. Socks impact the way a shoe fits and are also necessary for hygiene reasons.

  5. Shop Early

    Don’t leave it too close to the start of school to get your shoes. We strive to keep our stocks up, but availability can be a challenge during the back-to-school rush. We wouldn't want you to be disappointed!

  6. Wide Range of Sizes and Brands

    We stock a wide range of school shoe brands and sizes, from a junior size 7 to an adult 9 for girls and 11 for boys in most width fittings. If we don’t have the right fit in stock, we can order from our suppliers, though this can take time.

  7. Break Them In at Home

    Have your child wear their new shoes around the house on carpet to ensure they are comfortable. So long as you have the box, the receipt and they are in a resaleable you can pop them back in for us to check the fit and exchange if necessary. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

  8. Polish and Wear In

    Once everyone is happy with the fit, polish the shoes and let your child wear them in. After a summer in trainers or sandals, it may take time for their feet to adjust to school shoes.

  9. Cleaning Tips

    If you need advice on cleaning the shoes, read our guide or ask one of our staff in-store. We’re always happy to help!

With these tips, we hope to make your back-to-school shoe shopping smoother and stress-free. Happy shopping!

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